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  • 'Flexfit 5001 Cotton Twill Cap'
  • 'Flexfit 5001 Cotton Twill Cap'
  • 'Flexfit 5001 Cotton Twill Cap'

Flexfit 5001 Cotton Twill Cap

Style Code : 5001



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    BILL LENGTH 2.5 2.5
    CROWN HEIGHT 3.5 3.5


    Fabric Type:

    • 98% Cotton & 2% Spandex


    • Hard buckram backed front panels
    • Spandex sweatband retains shape
    • 6-panel, structured
    • Mid-profile
    • Eight-row stitching on bill
    • Silver under bill
    • Taped Seams
    • 3½" crown

    Available Sizes:

    • S-M to L-XL

    Available Colors:

    Black, Grey, Khaki, Navy, Red, White.

    About Flexfit 5001 Adult Value Cotton Twill Cap

    Are you in search of the perfect headwear that combines style, comfort, and versatility? Look no further than the Flexfit 5001. As part of the renowned Flexfit Hats collection, this structured hat is designed to meet the demands of today's fashion-conscious individuals. Whether you're hitting the streets, playing sports, or simply looking to add a stylish touch to your outfit, the Flexfit 5001 cotton cap is the go-to choice.

    The 5001 falls under the category of Flexfit 6 Panel Caps, known for their exceptional fit and durability. Crafted with precision, this cap boasts the same high-quality construction that has made Flexfit a trusted name in headwear.

    With its timeless design, the Flexfit 5001 in bulk complements a wide range of styles and occasions. This cap seamlessly complements both regular attire and formal attire for important occasions. Push it to a higher gear with an elegant combination, or wear it with your go-to pair of trousers and a tank top.

    For those who crave breathability and a touch of urban flair, the Flexfit 5001 draws inspiration from Flexfit 6560 Adult 5-Panel Poly-Twill Cap and Flexfit 6511 Trucker Mesh Cap. Its unique blend of materials ensures maximum comfort, keeping your head cool even during the hottest days.

    The Flexfit 5001 also shares the moisture-wicking technology with the Flexfit 6597 Cool & Dry Sport Cap, making it an excellent choice for active individuals. Stay dry and comfortable, whether you're hitting the gym or enjoying outdoor adventures.

    This cap is built to last, like its iconic counterpart, the Flexfit 6277. The high-quality construction ensures that this cap will remain a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Plus, its versatile design allows for easy customization and personalization, just like the Flexfit 6006W and Flexfit 6580 caps. Nevertheless, the Flexfit 5001 is the epitome of style and comfort, merging the best features of Flexfit Structured Hats and 6 Panel Caps into one exceptional accessory. Make it your own and embrace the Flexfit over others legacy today.

    FAQ's Flexfit 5001

      Q: What Is The Flexfit 5001's Fit Style?

      The Flexfit 5001 features a structured fit style that provides a comfortable and secure feel on your head. It keeps its original form and fit, making sure that it is snug but not too tight. With this design, convenience and aesthetic may be balanced for a variety of things to do.

      Q: Is The Flexfit 5001 Suitable For Sports Activities?

      Absolutely! This hat is an ideal choice for sports activities. With moisture-wicking technology akin to the Flexfit 5001 Cotton Twill Cap, it keeps you cool and dry during physical exertion, making it perfect for workouts, outdoor sports, or any activity where comfort and performance are essential.

      Q: Is Flexfit 5001 Good For Customization?

      True, Flexfit 5001 hats are designed in a way that you custom print on them. It's an excellent option for putting your own distinctive flavor because of its adaptable design, which makes customization simple. Customization choices are available for the Flexfit 5001 for sale to meet your demands, whether they are for advertising, occasions, or individual tastes.

      Q: How Long-Lasting Is The Flexfit 5001 Compared To The Flexfit 6277?

      Both share the same high-quality construction, ensuring comparable levels of durability. Both caps are built to last and withstand everyday wear and tear. So, you can expect the Flexfit 6277 to offer the same exceptional durability as the well-regarded Flexfit 5001 best deals.

      Q: Is The Flexfit 5001 Suitable For Both Casual and Formal Occasions?

      Absolutely! The Flexfit 5001 is a flexible option for both informal and formal settings because of its classic style. This cap goes with a variety of looks, whether you're dressed up for a formal occasion or opting for a more casual appearance. It adds refinement to any ensemble.

    Product Reviews

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    I highly recommend the for anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable hat.

    Leslie Peavy

    This hat has quickly become my go-to for any occasion. I love the quality and fit.

    Krystal Rockefeller

    I love this Hat! It fits comfortably and is made with great quality materials.

    Kym Anderson

    This is the best fitting hat I have ever owned. I highly recommend the .

    Larry C. Knutsen

    I was skeptical at first, but this hat has exceeded my expectations. It's so comfortable and durable.

    Laura Amador

    This hat is the perfect blend of style and comfort. I wear it everywhere I go.


    I love the sleek design of this hat and the fact that it's made to fit my head perfectly.

    Lauren Krehbiel

    This hat has held up to daily wear and tear without losing its shape or comfort