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Soffe B037 Girls Authentic Short
  • 'Soffe B037 Girls Authentic Short'
  • 'Soffe B037 Girls Authentic Short'
  • 'Soffe B037 Girls Authentic Short'

Soffe B037 Girls Authentic Short

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Style Code : B037

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    Soffe B037 Fabric Type:

    • 7 oz. 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester Jersey
    • 1.25” exposed elastic waistband with option to roll down
    • V notch leg opening
    • 2.75" inseam

    Soffe B037 Weight:

    • 7 - 7.9 oz
    • Soffe B037 Features:

      • Brand: Soffe
      • Categories: Shorts
      • Fabric: Cotton - Poly 50/50
      • Fit: Girls
      • Style: Spiritwear

      Soffe B037 Available Sizes:

      •  XS, S, M, L, XL

      Soffe B037 Available Color:


    About Soffe B037 Authentic Girls Short

    Discover the Soffe B037 Girls Authentic Short, a go-to choice for girls seeking both comfort and style. These shorts are a true reflection of Soffe's commitment to quality and performance. Whether it's for sports practice, casual outings, or relaxation, the Soffe B037 Girls Short has you covered.

    Crafted with precision and made from top-notch materials, the B037 Soffe Girls Short offers unbeatable durability. It's designed to endure the demands of an active lifestyle, making it a reliable companion for all your adventures.

    One of the standout features of the B037 Soffe Performance Shorts Women is its durability. Soffe's long standing reputation for quality and durability ensures you will invest in a product that will remain the same for a long time.

    Are you looking to buy shorts in bulk? Soffe B037 Wholesale is the way to go. These shorts are available in bulk, making them an ideal choice for teams, schools, and organizations. You can enjoy the Soffe B037 Best Deals without compromising on quality with fashion on a budget.

    Moreover, customers have praises in the Soffe B037 Reviews. They appreciate the comfortable fit, versatile style, and the enduring quality of these shorts. It's clear that Soffe has hit the mark with the B037 Soffe Shorts For Women.

    Pair your Soffe B037 with Soffe T-Shirts for women to create a complete athletic ensemble. Shorts offer the perfect combination of style and functionality, and come in a variety of colors so no matter your preferences, there's sure to be one available that meets it!

    So, if you're in search of Cheap Soffe B037 Girls Authentic Shorts for sale, the B037 Soffe is the answer. Experience the best of Soffe with these shorts where comfort, style, and performance all rolled into one. Don't miss out on the chance to own the Best Soffe B037. Grab your shorts today and elevate your active wardrobe.

    FAQ's Soffe B037

      Q: Are These Shorts Suitable For Sports Activities?

      Absolutely, without a doubt! The Soffe 1092G Girls Cheer Boy Short and Soffe B037 is meticulously crafted with sports and active lifestyles at its core. This purpose-driven design not only ensures exceptional comfort but also delivers durability, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of sports practices and activities where you need reliable performance wear that can keep up with your sports performance.

      Q: Can I Purchase The Soffe B037 Girls Authentic Short in Bulk?

      Soffe recognizes the diverse needs of its customers, and is pleased to offer bulk purchase options for Soffe 1110V Dri Womens Short and B037 short. Our wholesale options have been carefully considered for convenience and cost efficiency. It’s an ideal solution for teams, schools, organizations or anyone seeking high-quality shorts in larger quantities.

      Q: How Do I Care For These Shorts To Maintain Their Quality?

      To ensure the long-lasting quality and durability of your Soffe 4648G Girls Mini Mesh Short and B037 shorts, we highly recommend following these care instructions: Machine wash them in cold water and, for optimal results, tumble dry on low heat settings. It's crucial to avoid using bleach or fabric softeners during the washing process.

      Q: Do These Shorts Have Pockets?

      No, the B037 and Soffe M037 Womens Authentic Short does not feature pockets. These shorts are designed with a focus on achieving a sleek and comfortable fit, prioritizing freedom of movement without the inclusion of pockets, which could potentially add unnecessary bulk and compromise the overall comfort and style of the garment.

      Q: Can I Find Matching Soffe T-Shirts For Girls to Complete an Outfit?

      Certainly! Soffe provides a diverse selection of T-Shirts designed specifically for girls, giving you the opportunity to mix and match with the B037 and Soffe M037C Curves Authentic Short, resulting in a coordinated and effortlessly stylish athletic ensemble that enhances your active lifestyle.

    • Machine wash cold.
    • Non-chlorine bleach, when needed. 
    • Tumble dry medium.
    • Do not iron decorations/customization.

    Size XS S M L XL
    waist 22" 23" 23.5" - 24" 25" - 26" 27"
    Hip 26" 27" 28" - 30" 31" - 33" 35"

    Soffe B037 Girls Authentic Short
    Customer Reviews (54)

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    Rating Date Comments


    These shorts are so comfortable



    Fits perfectly


    Evelia Gamboa

    They are durable and last a long time.


    Evelyn Neumeyer

    They hold up well in the wash and don't shrink.


    Frank Acosta Jr.

    I highly recommend


    Donna Bauer

    I'm impressed with the versatility of these shorts. They're suitable for workouts


    dorian thomas

    I've struggled to find shorts that flatter my figure, but these are a perfect fit


    Dustin J Barbier

    My daughter has been wearing these shorts for years for cheer. She absolutely loves them and has them in multiple colors


    dwayne williams

    True to its size and super comfy!



    They are very comfortable and the material and color are in excellent condition after numerous wash/wear.



    The shorts fit perfect. Got them for Cheer.


    Eduardo Medina

    I love how these fit and I will be ordering more colors!!


    Elda Herrera

    The shorts aren’t super short. They are a perfect length and fit true to size. They are very comfortable too.



    I'm satisfied with the Soffe B037 Girls Authentic Shorts. They're comfy, fit well, and look nice. A good choice for casual wear and sports activities as well. No complaints, it’s a good purchase for me.



    I've worn it for outdoor activities and it held up perfectly. I love the short feature. The fit is spot on, and the fabric feels soft and breathable. This short is a winner!



    My daughter likes Soffe B037 and she wish there were more graphic design options available for this girl short. I'm highly impressed by the captivating designs, and I would certainly buy more if they were offered. Hopefully, Soffe expands their design choices in the future.



    I can't go wild enough about the Soffe B037! The fabric is really mushy, and the measurement is amazing. The color range is fantastic. A definite must-have!



    Soffe short are a perfect addition to my girl’s wardrobe. The Soffe B037 is a game-changer for professionals.



    I use them primarily while cycling, and they've exceeded my expectations. The windproof design keeps me stylish during Summer seasons, Highly recommended!



    Embrace unmatched sport style with the Soffe B037. Stains are no match, and wrinkles are history. This short means outwear, all year round.