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Sport Tek LST353LS Women’s Long Sleeve V Neck Competitor T-Shirt
  • 'Sport Tek LST353LS Women’s Long Sleeve V Neck Competitor T-Shirt'
  • 'Sport Tek LST353LS Women’s Long Sleeve V Neck Competitor T-Shirt'
  • 'Sport Tek LST353LS Women’s Long Sleeve V Neck Competitor T-Shirt'

Sport Tek LST353LS Women’s Long Sleeve V Neck Competitor T-Shirt

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    Sport Tek LST353LS Fabric Type:

    • 100% Polyester interlock with PosiCharge technology

    Sport Tek LST353LS Weight:

    • 3.8-ounce 

    Sport Tek LST353LS Features:

    • Removable tag for comfort and relabeling
    • Gently contoured silhouette
    • Self-fabric v-neck
    • Set-in sleeves

    Sport Tek LST353LS Available Sizes:

    • XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

    Sport Tek LST353LS Available Colors:

    Atomic Blue, Black, Carolina Blue, Deep Orange, Forest Green, Gold, Hot Coral, Iron Grey, Lime Shock, Maroon, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Pink Raspberry, Purple, Silver, True Navy, True Red, True Royal, White.Black, Graphite, Navy.

    About Sport Tek LST353LS

    The Sport Tek LST353LS Women’s Long Sleeve V Neck Competitor T-Shirt stands out distinctly in the vast arena of sportswear. Far from being a mere addition to one's wardrobe, it symbolizes a blend of three vital elements: comfort, style, and durability. Expertly crafted using the finest fabric, this T-shirt ensures wearers experience a soft touch against their skin, a feature most desired in any attire. But this doesn't stop here! Its inherent quality ensures a fit that contours gracefully to the body, enhancing the overall silhouette.

    The longevity of this T-shirt is another of its standout features. Unlike many other apparel items that tend to lose their shape or color after repeated washes, the LST353LS retains its pristine condition, making it a trusted companion for many outings. It is a reason that the Sport-Tek Long Sleeve T-Shirts and Sport Tek Long Sleeve Polo Shirts are popular among buyers.

    Furthermore, the T-shirt's V-neck design offers more than just a trendy appearance. It introduces a flair that's adaptable to various scenarios. No matter if it be for weightlifting at the gym, leisurely running around a park, or simply meeting up for coffee with friends; Sport Tek T-Shirts strike an elegant balance between athletic performance and casual sophistication.To put it another way, this T-shirt doesn't just hide, it shows off your great taste in sporty fashion.

    One of the most notable features of the LST353LS Sport Tek is its versatility. Whether you're sweating it out in the gym, pacing the pavement on a jog, or simply lounging around at home, this T-shirt is designed to suit all occasions. Additionally, it offers incredible affordability. Not only can you get the best value for your money with LST353LS wholesale deals, but there's also an opportunity for even greater savings when buying Sport Tek LST353LS in bulk.

    For those who prioritize authenticity, you can be assured of the T-shirt's genuine quality by sourcing the LST353LS in the USA. Moreover, savvy shoppers should always keep their eyes out for the  LST353LS Best Deals and discounts, especially during sale seasonsIf your budget is tight but quality is key to you, both cheap and affordable LST353LS options exist that should meet all of your needs.

    Selecting appropriate sportswear can be an exhausting endeavour due to all the available choices on the market. However, the top-rated  LST353LS differentiates itself in various ways. The quality of its make, using premium materials, ensures not just a fashionable look but also a comfortable feel. Its durability sets it apart from many other T-shirts that may look worn out after just a few washes; this one is crafted to accompany you for much longer. Furthermore, the pricing is competitive. With the Low Price LST353LS offers, buyers truly receive a product that's worth more than its price tag.

    This brand’s options do not end here; other alternative varieties are:

    Experience unparalleled comfort and a touch of elegance with the Sport Tek LST353LS Women’s V Neck Competitor T-Shirt or with the brand's other options. Your wardrobe will thank you!

    Sport Tek LST353LS FAQ's

    Q: Where Can I Get the Sport Tek LST353LS For Sale?

    The LST353LS is available for purchase at a variety of both online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. If you're looking specifically for SportTek-branded items, many specialty sportswear stores carry this popular line, making it easily accessible for customers.

    Q: Is the Sport Tek LST353LS Suitable For All Sports Activities?

    Absolutely! The LST353LS is crafted with a design and fabric that's adaptable to a multitude of sports activities. Whether you're into yoga, running, or even more intensive sports, this T-shirt is made to move with you.

    Q: What's the Difference Between Sport Tek LST353LS and Sport Tek ST350LS?

    Both the Sport Tek LST353LS and ST350LS are long-sleeved competitor T-shirts designed for athletic wear. However, there might be subtle differences in their design patterns, fabric composition, and specific features. It's always a good idea to compare both before making a purchase decision.

    Q: Are There Discounts for Buying the Sport Tek LST353LS in Bulk?

    Yes, indeed. If you're looking to purchase the LST353LS in larger quantities, many wholesalers and even some retailers offer significant discounts. Bulk purchases are an economical choice for teams or organizations.

    Q: How Does the Sport Tek LST353LS Compare to Other Sport Tek T-Shirts?

    Among the array of Sport Tek T-shirts, the LST353LS stands out, particularly because of its V-neck design combined with its exceptional durability. These features have led many customers to consider it a top pick in the Sport Tek lineup.

    • Machine wash cold with like colors. 
    • Do not bleach. 
    • Do not use fabric softener. 
    • Tumble dry low, remove promptly. 
    • Cool iron if needed. 
    • Do not dry clean.

    Size XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL
      2 4/6 8/10 12/14 16/18 20/22 24/26 28/30
    Bust 35.5 37.5 39.5 42.5 45.5 48.5 52.5 56.5
    Sleeve Length from Center Back 31 31.5 32 32.5 33 33.5 34 34
    Body Length at Back 25 25.5 26 27 28 29 29.5 30

    Sport Tek LST353LS Women’s Long Sleeve V Neck Competitor T-Shirt
    Customer Reviews (30)

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    Rating Date Comments

    michael presley

    This shirt is amazing! So comfortable and durable.


    Michael Suberla

    I love the fit of this shirt. It's so flattering.


    Michael T Osborne

    The material is high quality and feels great.


    Mike Gannon

    I've never had a shirt that kept its shape so well after washing.


    Paulette Puleo

    Affordable: These t-shirts are typically reasonably priced, providing a cost-effective



    The color options are amazing. I love the variety.



    This shirt is perfect for workouts. It keeps me cool and comfortable.


    Nadia LaBostrie

    I wear this shirt all the time. It's versatile and stylish.


    Nelson A. Rasmuson

    The sizing is accurate and fits perfectly.


    Nichole McCoubrey

    I love the longer length of the shirt. It's great for layering.


    Nick Campbell

    I feel comfortable in this shirt.



    The shirt is lightweight and breathable. It's perfect for hot weather.



    The shirt has held up really well after multiple washes.


    Omar Palomo

    The shirt is a great value for the quality.



    I recently purchased the Sport Tek LST353LS, and ever since then, it has become my favorite T-shirt for morning jogs. Not only is it comfortable, but it also adds a touch of style to my athletic wear.



    After reading a SportTek LST353LS review, I decided to give it a shot. I wasn't disappointed! Whether I'm hitting the gym or just out for a casual day, this T-shirt never lets me down.



    It is an excellent option to portray a friend game. I bought two of the same colors for the twin dress. I can’t think of any other t-shirt LST353LS staple over. Thumbs up for the quality.



    I managed to snag a cheap Sport Tek LST353LS during one of the seasonal sales, and I was taken aback by the premium quality offered at such an affordable price. It's truly a steal!



    Being a loyal customer of Sport Tek T-shirts for several years now, I can explain or give honest review for their exceptional fit and feel during workouts - including this LST353LS model!



    Being a bargain hunter, I'm always on the prowl for Sport Tek LST353LS Best Deals. Every time I've bought one, the quality and comfort have been consistently good. I mean, not so good or bad. It's truly worth every cent.